Using Western European Characters in HTML

Sunday, February 26, 2012

In certain instances, you may need to display characters that are not part of the ASCII character set. There are other characters used in Western European countries that you may need to display. Entities are typically used to display these characters since they may not be easily entered with the keyboard. The upper range of ISO-8859-1 contains the some of the characters used in Western European countries. Enteties are case sensitive.  Refer to the following list.

ISO 1859-1 Western European Characters

CharacterEntity CodeEntity NameDescription
ÀÀÀcapital a, grave accent
ÁÁÁcapital a, acute accent
ÂÂÂcapital a, circumflex accent
ÃÃÃcapital a, tilde
ÄÄÄcapital a, umlaut mark
ÅÅÅcapital a, ring
ÆÆÆcapital ae
ÇÇÇcapital c, cedilla
ÈÈÈcapital e, grave accent
ÉÉÉcapital e, acute accent
ÊÊÊcapital e, circumflex accent
ËËËcapital e, umlaut mark
ÌÌÌcapital i, grave accent
ÍÍÍcapital i, acute accent
ÎÎÎcapital i, circumflex accent
ÏÏÏcapital i, umlaut mark
ÐÐÐcapital eth, Icelandic
ÑÑÑcapital n, tilde
ÒÒÒcapital o, grave accent
ÓÓÓcapital o, acute accent
ÔÔÔcapital o, circumflex accent
ÕÕÕcapital o, tilde
ÖÖÖcapital o, umlaut mark
ØØØcapital o, slash
ÙÙÙcapital u, grave accent
ÚÚÚcapital u, acute accent
ÛÛÛcapital u, circumflex accent
ÜÜÜcapital u, umlaut mark
ÝÝÝcapital y, acute accent
ÞÞÞcapital THORN, Icelandic
ßßßsmall sharp s, German
àààsmall a, grave accent
ááásmall a, acute accent
âââsmall a, circumflex accent
ãããsmall a, tilde
äääsmall a, umlaut mark
åååsmall a, ring
æææsmall ae
çççsmall c, cedilla
èèèsmall e, grave accent
ééésmall e, acute accent
êêêsmall e, circumflex accent
ëëësmall e, umlaut mark
ìììsmall i, grave accent
ííísmall i, acute accent
îîîsmall i, circumflex accent
ïïïsmall i, umlaut mark
ðððsmall eth, Icelandic
ñññsmall n, tilde
òòòsmall o, grave accent
óóósmall o, acute accent
ôôôsmall o, circumflex accent
õõõsmall o, tilde
ööösmall o, umlaut mark
øøøsmall o, slash
ùùùsmall u, grave accent
úúúsmall u, acute accent
ûûûsmall u, circumflex accent
üüüsmall u, umlaut mark
ýýýsmall y, acute accent
þþþsmall thorn, Icelandic
ÿÿÿsmall y, umlaut mark

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