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How to Extend the Windows 2008 Evaluation Period Up to 240 Days

Friday, October 28, 2011

With Windows Server 2008, you can evaluate the server operating system without activating the product for up to 240 days. You can verify the status of evaluation period by using the slmgr vbScript, by issuing the following command:

Slmgr -dlv


After the initial 60 days, you can rearm the evaluation period up to 3 times. This means you can evaluate the Windows Server 2008 installation for a total of 240 days (60 initial and 3 sets of 60 day rearms). You can reset the evaluation period after each 60 day period using the following command:

Slmgr -rearm


For additional information and options regarding Slmgr, use the following command:

Slmgr.vbs /?


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